Posted May 22, 2013

Trout out? Possible missed call may have aided cycle by Angels’ star

instant replay, Mike Trout

Did Mike Trout’s cycle benefit from a blown call at first base? Here’s a slowed-down replay from showing him racing Mariners pitcher Aaron Harang to the bag in the third inning.


After receiving the underhanded toss from Justin Smoak, Harang looks as though he beat Trout by a split second thanks to some fancy footwork. First base umpire Vic Carapazza didn’t see it that way, perhaps conjuring a mental image of a race between the fleet-footed Angels outfielder and the decidedly less athletic Mariners hurler. The result was an infield single for the 21-year-old Trout, who would triple, double and then homer later in the game to become the youngest American League player ever to hit for the cycle.

If the call was indeed blown, it hardly rises to Worst Miscarriage of Umpire Justice This Month status, but it’s another data point in the argument that expanded instant replay can’t come soon enough.


No missed call. If you look closely, Trout hits the bag with the arch of his foot, Harang is applying his whole foot, flatfooted. 

From the angles I saw (not that one in this story) you can see Trout hit the bag first.  It WAS very close and from every other angle I saw, it looked a lot closer.


This blog needs to change it's name to "Listen to us b**** and moan about Umps". Good grief, give it a rest already

JamieBreslow 1 Like

Does it really matter? Let's say he's called out, well then he still would have one more shot at a single to complete the cycle. This an entirely different situation than that what happened to Armando Galarraga's perfect game bid. In that case it was the final play of the game, no questioning what might or might not have happened after. 

Rickapolis 1 Like

The umpires get paid a lot of money to make the right call. The 'RIGHT' call. MLB has access to the same  technology  that the networks have. Use it to make the right call. Umpires are screwing up as often as football players are getting arrested and there is no excuse for it. Make the right call.


Would it be that hard to have pressure sensors on the bag?  Put a chip in the cleats like my dog has in his neck.  It can't be that hard. 

baucumjoseph 1 Like

Big deal, and I say this as a Rangers fan who doesn't care if an Angel should have not gotten the cycle.  Who cares if he was out?  The cycle, while impressive due to the three extra base hits plus a single for good measure, is ultimately a gimmicky achievement.  Four home runs or four triples is more impressive.  I completed the cycle myself this morning.  I took a hearty dump, showered meticulously, remembered to eat breakfast, and made it to work on time.  Now that's a cycle to be proud of.


We ALWAYS criticize officials when a "missed" call is made.  Rarely, do we hear kudos for the close ones they get right.  Human error is part of EVERY athletic contest.  GET OVER IT!!!


Must we complain about every call now? Its a bang bang play and could go either way, get over it. i hope they never use instant replay on a play like this in the regular season. 


To me it seems as if Harang barely misses the bag, but it could have gone either way. I'm all for replay on fair/foul balls and HR, but that's it. Being able to be pissed at the umps is one of the best parts of being a fan.

jeff24k 1 Like

Oh come on.  So he was out.  Barely.  Do we really want instant replay on EVERY single close call like this?  I love baseball more than any other sport, but concede that it's a slow methodical game.  Reviewing every single call will slow it down even more.  Human error is always going to be an element.  In an 162 game season, it evens out.

gwe59 1 Like

I watched the game on TV.  Big Trout fan, but thought at the time that he was out.  Close play at 3rd on the triple, too, but he could have stretched the double into a triple if he'd needed to.  I thought he pulled up at second to have shot at the cycle.  That's bold.