Posted May 30, 2013

Watch: Pirates’ Shark Tank gets actual shark tank

Pittsburgh Pirates

Pittsburgh’s relievers have the lowest bullpen ERA in baseball this season, boasting a 2.72 mark to go with a 13-6 record while converting 83 percent of their save chances, tops in the National League. That unit has been a large part of the Pirates success in 2013, so, in the tradition of great Pittsburgh sports units of the past, such as the Steel Curtain and the Lumber Company, it has acquired a nickname: The Shark Tank. As closer Jason Grilli, who came up with the nickname, told the Chicago Tribune earlier this month, “we’ve got a lot of sharks out in that bullpen. When we smell blood, we attack.”

Well, now the Pirates have a real shark tank in their clubhouse, courtesy of Elmer’s Aquarium & Pet Center in Monroeville, Penn., complete with two sand sharks, a puffer fish, a grouper and a fake sunken Pirates ship. One wonders, however, if that last item might carry a bit too much symbolic weight as the season progresses.


If "Teke" is the name for one of the sharks then let's go further back in time and go with "Little Elroy" for the other. Or, you could call one "Guisti" but definitely we need "Little Elroy" (Face) for those of you too young to know about maybe the greatest forkballing reliever in mlb history. Read about his amazing 1959 season, I think his record was 18-1 with 17 straight wins without a loss and more than a few saves thrown in there as well.