Posted November 11, 2013

Mets will occasionally go with camo jerseys to honor military

New York Mets, uniforms
Mets jersey

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Monday is Veterans Day, and the Mets have marked the occasion by unveiling camouflage jerseys that they will wear on five “Military Monday” home dates in 2014.

As you can see from the photo, the jerseys are various shades of beige and brown, colors far outside the Mets’ blue-and-orange color scheme; quite frankly, they’re ugly. That’s par for the course, alas. The Padres, who have worn camouflage jerseys at home on Sundays (plus Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day) since 2008 in honor of the military based in their community, have a more harmonious color palette of midnight blue, white and sand, and their camo jerseys aren’t much better.

While the jerseys themselves are a fashion affront, the program that surrounds them is laudable. On each Military Monday (April 21, July 7, July 28, Sept. 8 and Sept. 15), active and retired US military personnel with proper identification will receive complimentary tickets for themselves and up to three guests and a 10 percent discount on retail items sold at the ballpark. For other home games, active military personnel will continue to receive complimentary admission.

Additionally, front office staff, players and alumni will visit Veterans Administration hospitals on those five Monday dates to meet recovering veterans and the medical staff caring for them. At each Military Monday, a Mets player will present a “Veteran of the Game” with an autographed camouflage jersey.


Another PR move. Funny these "honoring" moves are always bold and in your face with these gaudy jerseys. How about have a "Military Night" where you agree to donate ticket proceeds to the military and wear the normal jerseys? This isn't done because when MLB Tonight comes on at 11 they won't give the team the attention they are seeking unless they wear these.  I hope people can see through this stuff.